Two Warriors on a Seljuq Bas Relief

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Source: Museum With No Frontiers
Warrior relief
Hegira 6th century / AD 12th century, Anatolian Seljuq
Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts: Sultanahmet, Turkey
Dimensions: Height 89 cm, width 91 cm, depth 10 cm
Museum Inventory Number: 2540
Material(s) / Technique(s): Relief-carved marble
Provenance: Konya, Turkey
Konya was the capital of the Anatolian Seljuq Sultanate during the AH 6th-7th / AD 12th-13th centuries and its citadel was decorated with rich figurative reliefs. This warrior relief not only depicts the military costume and arms of the period but also is an important document for the period.
Rumi 'Firenk' Heavy Cavalryman from Armies and Enemies of the Crusades 1096-1291 by Ian Heath based on this Seljuq Bas Relief

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