Commentaries of Gregory of Nazianzus, Byzantine, 879-883AD
Manuscript dedicated to the Emperor Basil I the Macedonian

Titre : Grégoire de Nazianze, manuscrit dédié à l'empereur Basile Ier le Macédonien.
Date d'édition : 0879-0883
Type : manuscrit
Langue : Grec
Format : Parchemin. - 465 fol. - Onciale. - Peint. - 435 x 300 mm
Description : Grégoire de Nazianze, Homélies.

Source : Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, Grec 510

Miniature on folio 137r. Middle register: Herod orders the slaughter of innocents, Elisabeth and John the Baptist are hiding in a cave, the martyrdom of Zechariah.
Miniature on folio 170r. Middle register: The cure of the servant of the centurion (Matthew 8.5-13) with at left Christ who is addressing the centurion accompanied by soldiers
Miniature on folio 215v. In the upper register, the judgment of Solomon (3 Kings 3, 16-27): Solomon sits enthroned flanked by two soldiers while another soldier holding the child above the two women depicted on the right side.
Miniature on folio 226v. In the lower register, left and centre, Joshua stops the sun and moon (Joshua 10: 12-14): Joshua (centre) leaning on his spear designates with his left hand the sun and the moon while two Amorites lie at his feet and others (left) flee on horseback. Lower register, right part, Joshua and the angel (Joshua 5: 13-15): Joshua kneels before the angel dressed like him in a gold breastplate and holds a sword in his right that he just drew from its sheath.

Referenced as figure 202 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
202A to 202D. Manuscript of St. Gregory Nazianzus, A - 'Massacre of the Innocents,' B - 'Soldiers of Jaire,' C - 'Judgement of Solomon,' D - 'Angel before Joseph,' c.880 AD, Byzantine, Bib. Nat. Ms. Grec. 510, ff. 137r, 170r, 215v and 226v, Paris (War).

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