Dovecote Church

Saint Ioanis (John)

This figure carries his scabbard in his left hand. There is no torso armour visible; he appears to have an epilorikion over whatever armour he may be wearing. The kremasmata appear to be made of padded and quilted fabric.

Detail showing the epilorikion (if such it is), the kremasmata and the hilt of the sword. The puzzling "circle" at waist level is quite visible on this figure.

Detail showing the trousers (or kampatoubia), which appear to be of patterned material. Nicolle interprets this as mail chausses, but comparing the pattern with the mail on the two mounted figures, I do not agree.

The figure also appears to be wearing greaves to the front of his calves. Judging by the "pucker" patterns in the fabric of the greaves, they are held on with laces, and are of a semi-flexible material, perhaps leather.

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