Dovecote Church

Un-named Saint

This figure is noteworthy for a couple of features - firstly, the kremasmata, apparently of leather scales, are of an unusual shape, curving downwards at the centre - or is it upwards at the sides? Secondly, the sleeves of the white tunic have a pattern on them suggestive of armour scales. Is this a mistake of the artist which he later painted over? Or is there really armour here? And if so, what is its form?

Detail of legs: the figure appears to be wearing full-length hose with a pattern of fine white dots on a dark brown background. The calves are protected with kampatoubia, rather than boots - there is a definite discontinuity between these and the footwear.

p.4, Byzantine Infantryman, Eastern Roman Empire c.900-1024 by Timothy Dawson
The fresco of the Forty Martyrs of Sevastę Church at Çavusin shows both infantry and cavalry. The foot soldiers’ armour is remarkably diverse. The man in the centre is protected by a lamellar klivanion supplemented by a skirt of large scales covering his lower belly and groin. (Photograph courtesy of Steven Lowe)

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