Illustration of a Byzantine Naval Battle from the

Cynegetica of Pseudo-Oppian.

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A detail from the Cynegetica of Pseudo-Oppian, Venice (folio 24 r) The picture is of a naval battle in which the crews of two ships are about to meet in hand to hand combat. Country of Origin: Culture: Byzantine. Date/Period: 11th century. Credit Line: Werner Forman Archive / Ms Grec 479, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Venice.
Byzantine Cavalry & an Arab Fort from the Cynegetica of Pseudo-Oppian

A Byzantine Plaque of Saint Theodore as a soldier, 11th century
The Hidden Church (Sakli Kilise) Cappadocia, Turkey, showing Byzantine armoured and unarmoured soldiers, by Steven Lowe
Other Byzantine Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers